Hydraulic Clutch Linkage

Tech Question


Dan Edwards, Baltimore, MD, 1970 Challenger R/T

Hey E-man, I want to convert my stock clutch linkage tohydraulics. Can I pirate the works from a J-yard Ram or Dakota? I have aChallenger big block with the 833 box and just want some smoother action andto lose the clutter down in that area. Thank You.


Dan, sure, but it hardly seems worth re-inventing the wheel, both themaster and slave ends will require lots of fabrication. Since Keisler hasalready done this, I think their kit, which includes a Mopar-specific,drop-in hydraulic release bearing, is the way to go.

But if you’re pinching pennies, and value your labor at about 50 cents anhour, the stock hydraulic setup from slant six pre-’94 Ram pickups wouldprobably be easiest to adapt.


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