’72 Plymouth Mishmosh Combo

Tech Question


jerre hutcheson, anniston, AL, 72 plymouth satellite plus 440

I recently installed this 440 engine it ran fine. Iinstalled an Edelbrock intake along with the dual quad setup from Summit. Itstill ran great . Next I installed a bigger cam. A Mopar purple cam. Not abig one (didn’t have to go to adjustable lifters.) I lost my vacum and thecar won’t idle – it surges and loads up and suggestions.


Jer, yes, a few. First, it may well need quite a bit more idle spark advancenow, and/or there may be vacuum advance at idle, a no-no. Second, be surethe cam was installed (phased / “degreed” correctly). Third, there may nowsimply be inadequate vacuum signal for the carbs to work properly, they mayneed a rework.

It never fails to amaze me how guys can throw together an amalgamation ofparts, selected by the “throw a dart” method, and then be surprised thatthere’s driveability and/or tuning problems.


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