318 Carb Swap

Tech Question


elaine cornthwait, ann arbor, MI, 1984 dodge truck 318

Hi Rick,
The original 2bbl carb is shot so I’m replacing it with an Edelbrock 650AVS type w/ electric choke and 360 spreadbore cast iron intake manifold.

Questions: 1: Should I buy the intake gasket w/ the heat crossoverblocked? (I think the part no. is Fel-pro 12-13?) and Q 2: Is that carb tobig? (318 w/ 4-speed, 132k, 4X4 3/4 ton, all original.

Thanks! You rock! Elaine


Elaine, it should be fine, the carb’s nowhere near too big. If it bogs, justtighten the air door adjustment. For 4-season street use, keep the exhaust(crossover) heat.

It’d be a better swap with either an old 340 square-bore manifold OR your”new” manifold with any T-Q.


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