’67 Bel w/ ’02 Ram 5.2 Need Trans Speedo Input

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Hi Rick,
A few years ago I put together a Duster with the 390hp EFI Mopar Performance kit for auto trans as you have in your Savoy. Now I’m on to a new project.It is a 67 Belvedere with a 2002 Ram Van 5.2 and the OD automatic. Hotwire Auto supplied the computer/engine/trans harness. The transmission has an electronic speed sensor where the cable drive would normally be.

Could I use an A518 tail housing for the speedometer cable drive, and an electronic speed sensor like came in the MP EFI Kit to connect to the computer?

If not do you have a suggestion other than a GPS Speedo?
Thanks Joel


You need to keep the tranny sensors stock or it won’t shift.

There exists (I even wrote it up a few years back) a gizmo that converts speedsensor pulses to speedo-cable rotational output. You need one.

I also briefly considered using a late speedo grafted to an original face and needle. This never went past the “consideration” point however.


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