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Adam Montague, chief spanker over at Spankin’ Time Motorsports in San Bernardino, CA ( has built some pretty amazing late model Challengers, Chargers and Jeeps. His own ride is a built 6.1 Hemi stock-block ’09 Challenger that, thanks to a Kenne Bell 4.2L twin-screw billet supercharger, makes 931 horsepower at the wheels. Running its full porker weight of 4610 lbs., the Challenger turns 9.97 @ 130 MPH in the quarter. One of his customers runs a KB-blown 5.7 Hemi Charger that also burns up the strip in the mid-9s.

We ran some Kenne Bell blower install highlights in our February issue, and we’ll show you a couple more here. We’re also adding here the dyno charts that compare the stock vs. supercharged versions of the Gen III 5.7 and 6.1 Hemis. You can see a lot more tech info on Kenne Bell by checking out their website:

Adam Montague’s 9-second Kenne Bell-blown 6.1 Hemi Challenger is his everyday driver.

6.1 Hemi stock vs. 6.1 Hemi Supercharged

5.7 Hemi stock vs. 5.7 Hemi Supercharged

5.7 STOCK 332 391 5200 357 420 3900 N/A
5.7 SCHD 476 560 5500 487 573 4300 7.8
6.1 STOCK 364 428 5600 337 396 4700 N/A
6.1 SCHD 514 605 6200 477 561 3000 8.0

Dyno test results on Kenne Bell’s chassis dyno compared stock to supercharged 5.7 and 6.1 Hemis,
both automatics with the base tune and 93 octane pump gas.

KB’s kit is 100% complete with everything you need. A 155-page super-detailed photo how-to installation manual makes this a practical DIY project. The new kit for the 5.7 Hemi is in demand because there are a ton more 5.7s than 6.1s out there. The 5.7 kit includes new fuel rails (shown). The 6.1 Hemi retains the stock fuel rails.

The front fascia is removed to cut out opening for the air intake and access to install the intercooler.

The stock intake manifold is removed and the blower discharge plate is installed on the heads.

Fuel rails are installed

The supercharger assembly mounts to the discharge plate.

The front brace keeps everything rigid. The pulley is installed on the blower.

The stock throttle body bolts to the blower intake. The system is “overbuilt” so you can up the power by going to a larger throttle body, injectors, new tune and possibly headers without having to buy a larger supercharger.

An adapter connects the throttle body to the oversize intake tube.

Oversize air filter is located behind the fascia to pick up cool air for max performance.

Competed installation on the 5.7 Hemi.

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