Red Hemi


I read your Hemi crate article, and was duly impressed that Barton was the new vendor. Since I am in the process of building a Hemi, I figured if Barton and Mopar Action had a formula, I could follow it and maybe add a couple upgrades like Stage 5 heads, along with the MP block I already own. I ordered the K1 crank and rods. Imagine my surprise and disgust when I received the parts and found the “made in China” sticker on the box. Please, in the future tell us where the parts are made. I’m not the only one who cares that American industrial prowess is being shipped to China. I always try and buy American.

Unfortunately, something like 97% of the aftermarket rods and cranks are Chinese (forged in China, many are machined there, also). I hate this as much as you, but it is a fact of life, and it’s what has made strokers, etc., affordable to the “huddled masses.” The flip side is that many of the Chinese factories are making much less $$$ per‑piece than the US designers, importers, etc. So it could be said that we’re ripping them off.
I try to buy American in everything, not just auto parts. I was the first to complain when Chrysler began using Mitsu engines, was bought by Benz, etc. Thankfully, that situation has improved a bunch. But unless you wanna go barefoot, hungry, not watch any DVDs, satellite or Cable TV, etc. …

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