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Colin Double, Stillwater, OK, 1971 Dodge Challenger 383

I have a question about my speedometer. I have a 1971Challenger 383 w/ a 727 tranny. Last winter when it was slick Iaccidentally spun my tires and my speedo just went dead. When I took acloser look my cable broke. I bought a replacement and installed it. WhenI drove it for the first time my speedo was making a clicking noise butworked fine for the time being. I then drove back home (about 80 miles) andwhen I got home my speedo needle did not go below 20 mph. When I left homemy speedo worked fine except that it read 20 mph fast. When I arrived at mydestination the needle did not drop past 40 mph. I unhooked my cable notwanting to do any more damage to my speedo. My question is do you know whathappened to my speedo and if you do what can I do to fix it if I can fix it.

Unfortunately, you need a “new” speedometer – it is, for all practicalpurposes, siezed. Most likely, the cable is shot again, too.



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