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Lawrence Stilla, Westlake, OH, 1972, dodge, M300, 413

I have this 1972′, 413 HT engine. It has low miles and a727 trans. My question is…Is this engine worth building for horsepower?The local engine shops tell me that is a great engine, with a supercrankshaft and I should build it and put in my 67′ Barracuda but I don’tknow anything about the 413 engine. Is it worth building and putting on newheads, cam, and intake? Or should I get a 440 and start from scratch. Idon’t know how much the local engine builders know about this engine as theybuild mostly Chevys and Fords. Please help me with this decision.



The 413 was the first Chrysler “RB” (raised-deck B-block) engine; it cameout in 1959. Eventually it was replaced by increased-bore-size versions forpassenger car use, with displacements of 426 and 440 cubic inches. But, forreasons of maximum durability and cooling, the H.D. truck versions stayed at413 cubes for many years.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this engine, but there’s also noparticular reason to use it. It weighs basically the same as a 440, andyou’re giving up 27 cubes. And, no, it can’t be bored to 440 cubes – atleast without weakening the cylinder walls significantly. And, as we’vetried to hammer home repeatedly, having strong, straight, and round cylinderwalls, that the rings can successfully seal against, will make more HP thanhaving another few inches of displacement – every time! The maximumrecommended overbore for virtually all Mopar V-8s is 0.040″, but if thebores will clean up at 0.020″ – stop!

Even if you decide to build a 440 instead, you can still use the rods andforged-steel crank from the 413.

It comes down to a matter of convenience and presonal choice.


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