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Joel Salinas, Lafayette, IN, 65 Dodge Dart 4.5

Hey Rick,

My Dart has a 7-1/4″ rear that I have a Sure Grip for, I will be adding it soon. As I ask people about it they tell me “why bother?” and I should just switch to a 8-3/4″ and call it a day. There is 2 problems I have with that: One is money and two is weight. I am not planning on driving the car like a maniac but I would like to know that if I light up the tires my rear won’t break. Where is the weak link in the 7-1/4″ rear and will the Sure Grip help? Will XHD leaf springs and a rear sway bar help the situation at all? Like I said I doubt I’ll run a quarter-mile in it more then twice in my life but I don’t know that I wouldn’t want to auto cross it at some point for fun. Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

Joel Salinas

In a nutshell: Everything fails, diff, ring gear, bearings…it is just too small for a V8. Plus, it is a PITA to work on!

In a nanosecond, I’d swap in an 8-1/4″ from a 73-76 A-body. Strong, light, 4.5″ bolt circle. Sell the 7-1/4″ to someone with a Slant Six to defray some of the cost.



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