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earl sexton, owingsville, KY, 78 dodge magnum xe 71 440

I have a 78 Magnum XE that came with a 400″ big block. Iput a ’71 440 out of an Imperal in it; I bored it 0.030″ over. It has OEMCarter AVS carb. It is all Mopar Performance parts except KB pistons andHastings rings. I used the ’71 transmission with a b&m transpac kit in it.Ithas 284 – 0.484″ cam, the shop built up the 11 in converter. It seems to begeared high as hell! What do you think of the set up? The heads are OE 1971440 with hardend seats. It runs real well. Do you know what gears came inthe Magnum XE? The OEM trans had a lock up converter. I think the rear endis 8 and 3 quarter. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for your help!! Earl

Early, overall, it sounds prettty good…just a few comments…

Hardened exh seats started mid-’72. Still, don’t lose any sleep over it!(Or, do you mean you had replaceable seats installed?)

Your car was built with a 9.25″ rear axle. Best guess on ratio: 2.7 or2.9. A R&P swap 3.2 or 3.5 would wake it up! Add a SG at the same time ifnot there already.



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