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Steve Duke , Elmira , NY , 68 dodge coronet

Hey Rick how can you tell if you have a bad tranny mount(727)? I have a little vibration when I give her the gas. Or, could thebalancer be bad? It doesnt do it when sittin’ still just on accelleration &sometimes on decell. Thanks for all you help! Steve


You basically eyeball it (if it is really oily and slimy, spraying it withbrake cleaner can make any cracks stand out better), or grab the back of thetranny’s extension housing and shake (vertically). You’ll know if it isshot!

Imperial Services ( has urethane biscuit rearmounts, or consider swapping in a never x-member with the spool mount(Energy Suspension has urethane inserts for that style).

A damper problem shows up even in neutral, vehicle at rest.



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