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art Brookey, Lincoln City, OR, 1969 plymouth Road Runner 383

One more for you: My 69 Road Runner is a 383 4speed,minorhead work, headers, msd, mild cam, intake&carb. It is driven less than 2000miles a year and never raced – it has 71000 org miles. Would you stay withthe stock rocker assembly,or is there any benefit to going to rollertip-adjustable, since it’s not ran hard? If so,which ones?Off the record, I have asked this question to Hemmings Muscle Car twice inlast 6 months and no response. I now know who to talk to. Sincere THANKS foryour past quick response and caring…..ART

Art, so long as the cam is hydraulic, isn’t much over 0.520 lift, and youhave’t installed killer valve springs, the stock heavy-gauge stamped rockers(i.e., “six pack” rockers are about as good – and reliable – as it gets.

If the rockers have 71K on them, and may not be the thick-gauge one, youmight wanna consdier slamming in a new set of those (from MP, under $100.)



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