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Pete Campbell, Midland, TX, 1963 Plymouth Savoy 426

I have a 426 Max Wedge block, crank, rods and pistons(13:1) that were left over from the race car I sold in 1973.

I’m thinking of getting back into bracket racing – no national records -just a solid, reliable, fun car that doesn’t have to be torn down 3 or 4times a season.

We have learned a lot since the early 70’s when I ran this engine. Wouldyou recommend using this block? I have heard that the rods are too fragileby todays standards. The crank should be OK I would think, but perhaps alittle stroker would help power output. I guess bottom line is how muchpower would you think this block will safely handle?


Yes, we’ve learned a lot, and material science has also improved. However,this block is nearly as good as typical late-60s and ’70s 440 blocks, whichare usually OK up to the 700-800HP range, esp. will billet main caps. You’llbe giving up some bore / displacement of course. If you think you’lleventually exceed this output, however, one of the new, beefier MP blockswould be a wise investment, the larger bore possible also allows bigger, andless shrouded, valves.

Surely, modern rods, and lightweight pistons, should be part of your mix.

Especially if you stay with the 426 block, don’t go crazy on stroke, either.If you decide to stay with you 3.75″ crank, be sure to have it mag checked.



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