360 Intake Manifold

Tech Question


mike mccutchan, Rochester, NY, 1976 plymouth duster 360

I’m swapping a very stock (and unsatisfying) 318 out for a 360 that will be a budget build. After hearing many guys trash talk the original style Torker intake, I sold mine off, and now I’m looking for another single plane. How about the Holley Street Dominator? I can get one for $75 on Racingjunk.

Thanks, man!



That’s a really very good manifold – I can state that unequivocally. However, since you told me virtually zero re: engine specs, I can’t say if it’s really the one you need.

For anything up to, say, 325-350 HP, and even a bit beyond that, thefactory cast iron manifold is not a bad choice!

On the other hand, if it’s gonna be more like 450-500, you might want even “more” manifold that the SD, or, at least, as much carb spacer as there’s room for!


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