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Tech Question

joe baray, milford, DE, 2004 dodge dakota 4.7

First off- it’s very smooth how you’ve lumped the newsstandand adult book store together; they were out of Giant Thighs Action, soMopar Action it was.

Anyway, I’m looking for some back ground info about the 4.7. I readEhrenberg’s in-depth analysis some time back, but my question relates moreto its lineage. Some of my friends claim this as a Mercedes motor, I wasunder the impression it was a clean sheet Mopar design. Your help, please.

Joe, it has no relation whatsoever to any Mercedes engine, there are no M-Bparts (or even ideas) in it, it’s 100% Chrysler designed in USA. But notquite “clean sheet”, it was designed to utilize as much LA-engine tooling aspossible to minimize changeover costs.



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