Going My Way?


By Al Dente

Here’s an idea we’ve been working on for a while—a 2-way cop car that appears to be what we’d guess is based on two ’72 Coronets (since there are no pix of the grille or rear your guess may vary). We figure this configuration is a safety revolution for our boys in blue when they’re hiding in the shrubbery waiting for some errant driver who may be exceeding the speed limit or have one of his daytime running lights out or too many bugs on his windshield. If the cop is pointed in the wrong direction to catch the offender, he has to make a U-turn to get on the malfeasant’s tail, which could be dangerous on a busy highway.  With this setup, all the officer has to do is jump over the seat, hit the lights and mash the gas. But instead of ’72 Coronets shown here, we’ve cut up two Hellcat Chargers. We’re just trying to figure out the tricky wiring. In the meantime, this Coronet(s) is ready to go giving its all with 318 spunk which is the engine that the Craigslist post in Eugene Oregon indicates is propelling this dream.

The seller was asking a reasonable $4500 (firm) for this one-of-a-kind high-quality creation. The seller also states that the car belonged to his father who has since passed away. It has been sitting for some time so we would assume it’s not altogether turnkey and ready to get on the job of handing out tickets to boost the coffers of the local administration. ‘Course, if we had our druthers, we’d have a robocop with two “fronts,” instead of the usual front and back that most people have, behind the wheel(s), to match with the “two-fronts” car, and pulling over offenders to give them what-for and a slew of tickets. With two “fronts,” the robocop could write out twice the number of tickets at one time. That would be a real mind-blower, plus the videos of that posted on our website would really boost our viewership.

Our next project is going to be a “2-front” roboEhrenberg to give us twice the number of tech articles, a “2-front” roboStunkard for twice the number of deadlines and maybe a “2-front” roboGromer for twice the number of jokes (well, maybe not).

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