Roadster Conversion


We here at Mopar Action always like to help out our fellow staffers—Cliff Gromer with his Association of Semi-Professional Cat Jugglers, Jim Koscs with his web blog “Wheel People,” and the zany Brunt Bros. and their newest enterprise, “The Droppe Toppe Shoppe.” You’ve heard of drive-thru fast food and drive-thru weddings, well, Nicklaus and Whilhelm (Nick and Bill) Bruntczynowski, Mopar Action’s dubious photographers, have opened the world’s first drive-thru roadster conversion business. The Brunts say they can drop the top on any car in under a minute so you can convert your Hemicuda coupe into a much more valuable topless roadster and not have to wait for months—or even years—at some overpriced body shop. How do they do it? The Brunts say they’ve patented their secret process so Roger Gibson can’t copy it and offer the same service (at a much higher price). But our spy shot gives you an idea how it’s done. Sheer brilliance!

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