Fan Plan


The 318 engine in my ’69
Barracuda coupe did
not come with a thermal fan
clutch. Would this be a simple
—Ed Williams,
Las Vegas, NV
Sure, the drive just bolts
on, with the appropriate blade
assembly. If you currently have a
torque drive clutch, be sure the
new thermal clutch is the same
overall length. If swapping from a
solid (direct bolt-on) fan, be sure
drive’s the shaft length places
the new fan blades approx. 1˝
(1½˝ max.) from the radiator core.
See photos for more info.

“Silent Flite” clutch fan drives come in two basic flavors: Torque
drive (right), which simply limits the fan’s maximum RPM by
slipping, and the thermal version (top), which slips less as
temperatures increase. Both reduce noise and HP consumption,
but the thermal one is preferable.
You must also take care to
use a drive with a shaft length
that places the fan approx.
one inch from the radiator
core. There are many lengths
To use a clutched fan drive,
you must have a compatible
fan, identified by a much
larger center hole (2 5⁄8˝ vs. 5⁄8˝).
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