Barracuda Fever


One man’s recipe for frying a fish.

By Scott “Instigator” Longman Photos by TheBruntBros

Not one for a sleeper look, Mike wanted a full-boogey race car appearance that was super clean. His A-fish
turns heads.

The female anopheles mosquito
transmits malaria. But it was really
tough to figure that out, because
the malaria bug can lay dormant
for an incredibly long time. So, depending
on which strain happens to be prevalent in
the area where your safari is getting mauled
by leopards, you might get a mosquito bite
just before meeting Spots in the long grass,
but not get all feverish until long after you’re
showing off the scars back in Johannesburg.
That’s exactly what happened to Mike
Mogerman with a ’66 Barracuda.
The first time he saw one was about 1979,
and he said “Man, that thing is ugly.” Or so
he thought. In fact, the idea had then made
it into his bloodstream, where it went all
plasmodium on him, and slowly began taking
things over. More than 25 years later, a ’66
Barracuda with only 52,000 miles on it came

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