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chris farmer, rising sun, MD 1976 dodge Aspen 318

I have a 1976 dodge aspen 318 c.i. 4 door. The car has38,000 miles on all original parts. Its been garaged kept, interior is likenew. My quetion is, do you think that its a car worth putting effort andmoney into it? And if it is, what would be the best way to start the storedengine?


Starting: Remove the spark plugs, pour about a tablespoon of Marvel MysteryOil into each cylinder, crank over at least 30 seconds with no plugs.Install new plugs. Pour balance of can of MMO into gas tank, then fill withfresh gas. Remove air cleaner, hold carb at WOT, spray about 3-sec blast ofether (“starting fluid”) into each barrel. REPLACE AIR CLEANER. Start ‘erup. Expect smoke, rust, etc. out of tailpipe. See if it runs on all 8.

Restoration: Sure. The world needs at least ONE example of what was probablythe worst Mopar ever made. Rust to the roof. Supension geometry from hunger.Frame, chassis, suspension structural failures. Carburetor internalsdissolve in gasoline. And about a zillion more TSBs. After it’s allrestored, put it on eBay, someone will fall in love with it and give you$20,000. If you don’t understand, read the writings of one P.T. Barnum.


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