Mechanical Cam And Adjustable Rockers in A 451

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William Slaterbeck, Langley AFB, VA, 1973 Plymouth Sebring Plus 451

This is probably a dumb question but here goes. I aminstalling a mechanical cam and adjustable rockers in my 451ci (400ci with440 crank)block. I was wondering if I have to make any modifications. Theone thing I notes was the new push rods are solid. The stock ones are hollowfor oil to travel to the rockers. If the oil does not travel through thepush rods how does it get to the rocker arms? Thanks for the help.



It’s not really a dumb question – if you’ve a Chevy guy! BB Mopars don’t oilthrough the pushrods. There’s a drilled passage in the block, which feeds amating hole in the head. It then comes up through a rocker stand, andpressurizes the shaft, etc. Excellent system!

Obviously, when there’s no rocker shaft (Chevy / Ford / 318-360 Magnum,etc.) this can’t work!

Look at a Mopar lifter: No oil hole on top! (Although, since the hole doesno harm, and is needed with Mopar’s “Magnum” V-8s, some aftermarket liftermanufacturers have begun to standardize on including the hole in all liftersthey supply.)


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