340 W/ Holley 650 DP Fouls Plugs

Tech Question


Dave Darke, Cambridge, ON, Canada, 1973 Plymouth Barracuda 340

Hello Rick. I have a problem with my 340 engine running rich.I have a Holley 650 double pumper on the engine and have changed to an MSDcoil and put in E3 spark plugs but it still smells rich and the plugs areblack & sooty. Any thoughts?



One primary thought: Dump the double pumper, install a nice OEM 800 CFM T-Q.More HP, way less fuel wash (which equals short ring life), less emissions,WAY better fuel economy, throttle response, hot starting, etc. etc.

Truthfully, there may simply be something wrong with the Holley (blown powervalve comes to mind). Still, everything I wrote in the preceding paragraphstands.

Gotta ask: Unless this is a drag-only car, why in God’s name would you godouble pumper?


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