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joe cowles, freno, CA, 71 dodge dart 402

I have a crate motor stroker 360 magnum it cranks a few turnsbefore firing and it seems to run to warm at idle…everyonce in a while itwhile backfire thru carb after being driven for a time then restarted atconsistent speed it feels like a small miss…engine has only 4200 miles onit…I am running a 800 edelbrock performer. what is the proper timing forthis engine?


Sounds like….I’ll assume…that this is for street use on pump premiumgas.

Timing should be at 33-35 deg BTDC at 3,000 RPM w/vacuum advancedisconnected, then reconnect it. This should result in around 10-18 deg BTDCat idle. If the spark is very late is could result in the symptoms youdescribe.

The miss could be a carb problem, or vac leak, but might also be a distrotor phasing problem, or, also, just way retarded.

The point is: Get the spark checked and dialed in first!



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