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grant harvey, albuquerque, NM, 1988 dakota 2-wheel, std cab 413?

Want to put an early 413 in the Dakota, motor mounts, exhaustmanifolds all look doable. Will BB pan fit OK nestled right behind thatfront cross member the rack bolts to?

Grant –

Schumacher has you covered. Even headers. See . Fromhis site: “On the B/RB pan, we’ve had success using the Milodon 4×4 pan, #30890, and shortening the sump approximately 2″ to get a measurement of 6″from the back to the front. The recommended pick up and screen, #18455,works fine.”

But, man, if all you want is Tq not HP, a 408″ SB sure makes a LOT moresense! Otherwise, a “built” 440 (or stroker B or RB). Assuming you aren’ttalking Max Wedge 413, and will have standard early 413 heads, you’ll belucky to make 350HP, and it will be nose-heavy without the fun of being sickfast!



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