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michael sloterdike, noel, MO, 1966 Dodge Dart 225

Can you tell me what the oil pressure should be when cold andat idle and cruising speed after the oil has warmed up? I love this stationwagon the engine was overhauled 97,000 miles ago and I always use CastrolEdge 10w30.

Thank you for your time and keep up the great work. I will love mopars forlife.


Cold idle – 45 PSI min.
Hot idle – 8-15 PSI Min, like to see 25.
Hot highway (over 2500 RPM – 45 PSI min.

If the hot idle oil presssure is low, it probably needs a bearing job.Synthetic oil may bring up the hot pressure — it thins less when hot, aswould a swap to 10W40.



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