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Brian Yee, Coquitlam, BC, canada, 1974 dodge challenger 440

Hi Rick, I am wondering about my intake/carb setup that I amrunning. I have an Edelbrock AVS 800 cfm on a Performer RPM intake, intoiron 452 heads, Hooker headers, 3″ exhaust X-over, 727 into 3.91 gears.Street machine. I am thinking about going either a 600 cfm AVS, or maybeeven a larger 1050 cfm carb set up. Would the 600 cfm carb generally bringmore torque than the larger 1050? Would ring-wash be an issue in a largercfm? Does the 1050 bring about more horsepower? I’m just juggling aroundthe pros/cons of each move. Thanks Rick!


The 600 CFM would make throttle response a bit crisper but certainly reduceHP, esp. above 4,000 RPM. The 1050 would make, possibly, another few HP butwould be a real bear to tune properly. With enough pump shot to avoid a bog,yes, ring wash would increase. Overall, I’d say the carb you have now isexactly what you need!



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