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Dan Stromer, St. Joseph, MI, 1973 Dodge Challenger 340

I have a 73 Challenger 340, 727 auto, factory air, Thermo-quad carb. It is not a numbers-matching car. The 340 has died, and I’m considering swapping in a Magnum 360/320hp crate motor.

Would the crate engine truly just be a “bolt-in” type deal? Most of theinfo I can find says they’re not for use with air-conditioned cars ( I havefactory A/C). Why? Cam profile too radical? Installation issues? I don’trace the car, just drive it to car shows and cruises. Any other installationissues to be aware of?

Or would I be better off rebuilding the 340 (It has been rebuilt before,over 25 years ago by the previous owner)

Thanks for your advice.


A/C: Mostly, they don’t want to field 1000 phone calls re: compressormounting, brackets, pulley permutations, etc etc.

The coolest way to go would be the crate engine – which is a Magnum engineconverted back to LA front components, and find a junkyard 360 magnum, takeall the front parts to convert it back to the large 1-pc aluminum accessorymount and compressor, tesnsioner, serpentine, etc., have 2 hoses made up,and run R-134. All you’d need is to wire up a simple compressor cyclingswitch from any 92/93-up Magnum truck.

Great swap and upgrade. Save the 340 somewhere in case you decide, whenyou’re old and grey, to make it a platinum resto.



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