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John Self, Mount Vernon, MO, 1972 Dodge Dart 273

I always enjoy my MoparAction Technical information, but I’ve come acrossa discrepancy in an older article of yours. It was an article on oilpans,windage trays, and pickup tubes, and I understood the article as sayingthat the pickup should have zero clearance on the bottom of the pan, i.e.resting on the pan when bolted up.

However, both Mopar Mussel AND the MP small-block book say thereshould be a gap, about a half-inch if I remember right. (If it was just inThat Other mopar mag I would have ignored it). I’m putting the pan my 273Magnum-head motor and I don’t want to screw this up. I will be running theMopar windage tray with a cheapo High Volume pump. Which is right?

Even if you don’t answer this, your mag is the best. I get MoparActionat home and read the others (and leave them at) Wal-Mart.

Thanks again, John

Bulldoody. With a STOCK PICKUP, it should be resitng on the pan floor – even”pushing down” some if possible.

Mopar Mussel, huh? Cool! I never thought of that one!



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