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Don Blake, kankakee, IL, 80 ply volare 2 dr 318

Hey there, Rick. I am putting a 99, 318 Mag engine and anAX 15, 5 spd trans into my Volare with an 8-1/4, 3.55 S.G. The engine isfresh, std bore, stock except for H 814 CP sealed Power hypereuctic, antiscuff coated pistons. (still on the stand partly assembled) The block wasmachine shop mic’d out and prepped, etc. Not just a “home honed” throwtogether, if you know what I mean. I plan on running the stock Magnum EFI on(so far what I have anyway) a stock 92 or 94 Dakota 318 computer. Eventuallyif I can find a good price on an MP ‘516 “chipped” ECM, that is in the planstoo.

Heads are stock, standard back-of-parts-store mach. shop valve job. I planon pulling the valves and doing a “clean up the casting fuzz” port job, notmuch more. I plan on this car being a cruiser not a racer.

My question is this; I just ran across a MP cam no. P 5007551. This is theR/T+10hp cam. I didnt get the cam card even though it is brand new and neverrun.How “wild” is this cam, and will it work out OK in an otherwise stock318? I do know that all the R/Ts were 360s and that also theres a bunch moreweight to a Dakota than my Volare. Will it work out with a stock ECM andvalvesprings at least for the time being? I don’t plan on hanging out at theredline a whole lot. or would I be better with the stock orig cam that wasin my 318? (I guess that the exh duration on the stocker is less than theintake?) I know that alot of people knock the 318s and would say not to gowith anything less than a 360. This is a budget build and part of thatentails using what I already had laying around, hence the 318.

Don, I’m not here to knock the 318. But I think the last thing you need todo is toss different cam timing into the mix. Bad enough with the ’99injectors, god knows what fuel pressure, ditto all sensors, and 92-94 SBECelectronics.

The there’s the truck gear ratios…creeper low gear…(3.83:1), etc.

Good luck.



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