The Dayclona one-of-none ’71 GTX convertible is a masterstroke of hand fabrication and a thought-out mix of aftermarket parts for a “correct, showroom-appearing” version of the car, if the factory had built one. The good quality aftermarket parts that are now available, go a long way towards perceived authenticity.

Front chin spoilers and rear wing are from
First Place Auto Reproduction.
The power top pump, cylinders and lines are from a ’69 Fury convertible.

Trunk dress-up kit were a correct option
on high-line cars. REM supplied a repro kit
and trunk mat.
Boot had to be custom made.
Spring-loaded anti-rattlers set into door jamb
are from a C-body. Gary had to mill his own
thicker wedges for the anti-rattlers.

Repro E-body latches and receivers secure top.
E-body visors (supplied by REM) are mated to a B-body rearview mirror.
Top windshield trim is attached by screws from the back,
rather than from the top, like on an E-body, for a cleaner look.

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