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Show of Force 2006 SEMA Show Highlights
By Al Dente
Photos by some guy who went to the bathroom

We took hundreds of photos of Mopar stuff at SEMA, and the ones that came out we ran in our April ’07 issue. We have about 300 shots that came out as black squares, which we will be happy to send you on a CD, if you mail us a written request and include $5 for postage and handling. But, as promised, here are a few more shots from SEMA. We downloaded these from the SD card in the guy from Mopar Muscle’s camera, when he asked us to watch is stuff when he went to the bathroom. He’ll never know.

You never know who you’ll run into at SEMA—your ex-wife, your free-loading brother-in-law, or even Big Daddy hisself.

If you tired looking at cars, and there sure was enough of those, you could check out the resident tattoo artist. This guy was selling his art—you paid a bit extra for the girl. A little something to bring home and hang on your bedroom wall.

Megalow is a one-ton Megacab dually that’s customized to the core. You can get a lot more info at megalow.com. these guys make a cool bolt-on custom dually long-bed style wheel flare that will also fit any ’04-’06 Dodge ½-to-1-ton short bed pickup.

We ran a couple of pictures of “Freak show,” in the April issue, but we didn’t have room to show the interior, with the cool Princess phone. So here it is. Notice the weight-saving steering wheel.

A couple of examples of cool custom 300Cs. There were tons of special grilles and wheels for this model.

The new Dodge Nitro is proving to be a popular platform for the custom crowd.

What would any car show be without the…Batmobile!

Steve Parks’ “Sinister ’69” Charger, was designed and built by Munk Race Fab, in McKinleyville, CA.
It’s powered by a 700 HP, Arruzza 525-inch Hemi.

Our publisher ordered this custom stretch 300C for the Mopar Action staff to go to lunch in. He even hired a Russian chauffeur, Peekup Andropov, so we wouldn’t have to drive ourselves. All that in addition to raises, bonuses, 12-week vacations every other month, plus a cute little thing to come by and tuck us in at night. Is this a great company to work for, or what?

So you’re the rally type, eh? This Dodge Targa Caliber, in the Mopar booth, was all set to rumble with a 300-horse 2.4 turbo.

Devin Meucci’s ’69 Charger was built by Extreme Metal and Paint. FBO systems built the 500-inch stroker wedge. The car was purchased from the second owner in ’93, and stolen in Jan. ’05 from a parking garage (prior to restoration.) It was recovered four weeks later in a chase with the Washington State Patrol.

Here are more shots of “Hemisfear,” showing the interior and the 392 behind the seats.

Interior and rear shots of the Mopar Challenger super Stock concept.

The Dodge 3500 Megacab Interstate Rated is the ultimate tow vehicle—and you can buy it from any dodge dealer. Look for more on this truck in our June ’07 issue.

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