Modified ’66 Dart


The entire Mopar community rallied around Elijah Ault, a Mo’fan stricken with cancer. Eli owned a ‘66 slant-six, column-shift auto Dart convertible in not-so-hot shape. The effort to redo Eli’s Dodge as a token of how Eli’s positive spirit in the face of his adversity, was sparked by Ralph Barbagallo of and Gary and Pam Beineke of The Beinekes, using parts and services donated by the Mopar community, turned the car around in only 56 days. Their creation was based on their interpretation of what the factory would have done had they built a ’66 Dodge Dart Charger. Yeah, we know it’s kinda far-fetched mixing A- and B-bodies and all. But the Beineke’s think kind of …different. The reborn Dart now packs a 318 Magnum, redone interior with console and floor shifter, and hood with A-body scoops as highlights.

Book of Eli
Redone “’66 Dodge Dart Charger” concept as created by Gary and Pam Beineke.

Indoor and outdoor festivities as Eli takes possession of his reborn Dart. His smile says it all.

Eli holeshoots it out the door as Gary Beineke does the guiding chores through the tight door opening.

The honor roll of contributors who helped make it all happen for a story in Mopar Action.

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