LX & Beyond Nats II


As the name implies, this was the second edition of the LX & Beyond Nationals, held this year at Quaker City Raceway, in Salem, OH. If you own or even rent (for LX wannabees) an LX/LC platform vehicle, or a late-model Jeep or Ram, this is the place to be. Hobnob with like-minded and like-equipped Mo’fans, show off your hard-earned modifications, run down the famous Quaker city quarter-mile, and do all the things they do at really big car shows, like sitting on a lawn chair next to your car that’s parked on the grass. Or looking for parts “I found it at the LX Nats.” That line is up for grabs now that Carlisle doesn’t seem to be using it anymore—probably because they’re going with a high-buck advertising slogan firm. And “I found it…” sounds too swap-meety (low class).

Well, even if you didn’t find it cat the LX & Beyond Nats, there sure was lots to see—most of which we covered in our April issue. So here are some extras for those of you with computers.

Louis Montgomery placed Runner-Up in the Quickest Unlimited LX in the U.S. competition, turning a 10.329 ET @ 133.04 MPH. His Â’06 Magnum SRT8 421-inch Hemi stroker gets a helping hand from a Procharger blower.

Brian Griffin, from Indianapolis, IN. came with his strangely painted Â’07 Daytona Charger. We donÂ’t know of the color was supposed to be solid green. If so, we hope the paintjob came with a warranty.

Shawn Kaufman, from Long Island, NY tricked out his ’09 Challenger SE (one of 670 in Dart Titanium Metallic) with a custom hood featuring functional scoops, 22” Cragars, ported intake, SRT front fascia, G0-Wing spoiler and dual exhaust.

The best and brightest of the SRT team showed up at the LX Nationals—engineers who could speak to issues drag racers care about: engine, chassis and driveline. These folks also either drag race or road race on their own time and are true enthusiasts (as are most people in SRT). They gather a ton of useful data understanding how Mo’fans use the products they design and develop. (Left to right): Tom McCarthy, Senior Manager, SRT Vehicle Synthesis, Chassis, and Powertrain Engineering; Marty Jagoda, SRT Powertrain Calibration Engineer; Jim Wilder, SRT Vehicle Synthesis Engineer; Lindsey Jones, SRT Chassis Release Engineer; Erich Heuschele, Manager, SRT Vehicle Dynamics and Chassis Engineering; Vince Schrand, Supervisor, SRT Driveline Engineering; Paul Mackiewicz, SRT Chassis Release Engineer.

The SRT team showcased a lineup of SRT vehicles. In the center is the Viper-powered Challenger SRT10. YouÂ’ll find a separate feature about this car on this website.

Tom & Sandy Hendrickson, of Grove City, OH, really went to town on their Â’05 Magnum R/T AWD. Under the hood are a DuBair CAI, SC tuner, and complete JBA exhaust. Engine trim is by Carbon by Design and Billet Tech. On the outside, youÂ’ll find SXT black headlights, JaakÂ’s retro R/T badging, and an NC STX grille. The dodge rolls on Borbet star wheels.

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