Smallblock Dyno Shootout – Mopar Action Article Extra

So similar, yet so different. Creativity is alive and well amongst Mopar guys!

Here’s the raw data and detailed rules from Mopar Performance for the smallblock dyno shootout in our Dec., 2006 issue. See that article for lots for information.

Note that the rules assigned “penalty points” for per prformance on the driveability ares, reducing the overall score by that amount.

Click here for the rules.

Click here for the logobook.

Click here for the scoring sheet and
detailed specs on each engine

Note that these last 2 fliles are MS Excel spreadsheets.
If you can’t open them, Microsoft offers a free viewer here.

(Photo courtesy of Superflow)
The R&S Racing Team – the Hestness family (r.)
demonstates the legaility of their winning combo
to the MP engineers (left).

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