See every one of almost 2 dozen Daytonas and Superburds that were on display at the 2019 Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals

Story by Geoff Stunkard * Photos by Geoff Stunkard and Dale Mathews

               We noted last week that we had ‘roud-the-clock access at MCACN in Chicago. Here is part two of our pictorials on the Chicago-based event. Tim and Pam Wellborn have been big supporters of this show for many years, and with 1969 being the 50th Anniversary of the Dodge Daytona, they helped put on an incredible display of rare wings. Again, Media Man Mathews and I did the deed, getting into the hall when only the bugs are moving to showcase this incredible collection of rare Mopes for you.

We’ll start with race-bred iron, all of it capable of sticking to the banking at speed, then follow that up with street cars. This year, my celebrity pick went to a EV2 1969 Hemi Daytona with white walls. Bought by a drug dealer who found himself on the wrong end of a lead shower, the car was sold by his mother to the second owner, who yanked the Hemi and drove it with a 440. Gary Riley and Level One had just finished it for the Brothers Collection before the Wellborn big gig in Alabama. I like a good story – especially when the first owner gets SHOT!

So check it out. Next week, we will be doing Mopar Barn finds, but the Daytona in that display is here as well. ‘Til then… the Zookeeper.

The show is held just 5 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in the Stephens convention center, and plans for 1970’s 50th Anniversary are already well underway. Want to see it all, with quality hotels and restaurants all close enough to walk to? Contact them at (Oh, and sorry, but we already have the MA exclusive for overnight access. – Zoo)

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