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The SEMA show in Las Vegas was held last November. But the hangover lingers on. If you couldn’t get enough of this slimmed-down, hard-times-challenged event, here’s more—if your stomach can take it. In addition to the Mopars at the show that we could not fit into our August issue without making the photos teensy-weensy-sized (a technical term in the publishing industry), we could not ignore the marketing inroads of the Chinese/Asian tire industry. You think the U.S. home electronics industry has taken a hit from our friends in Won-Ton and Sushiland? You ain’t seen nothing compared to what’s gonna happen to the grey flannel suits on Madison Ave. All their jobs are going to be outsourced to the grey flannel kimono creative types. We’ll give you two examples, and you can judge for yourself.

Cenchelyn Tire Co.—a name closely resembling Michelin (once you pronounce both with the correct accent). Hey, they even have their own Cenchelyn Man, (actually a Cenchelyn Dragon) closely resembling the creature from the Black Lagoon. They’ll no doubt draw customers (at least sci-fi fans) away from Michelin.
When it comes to marketing, our offshore pals are way ahead of the U.S. Why couldn’t the Americans come up with a killer name like the Goodtire Rubber Co.? Goodtire takes the best of Goodyear and Goodrich and aces it into the perfect position. You know when you walk into your local Goodtire store, there’s no question what you’re gonna find—tires! Walk into a Goodrich store, what you gonna do—get rich? Or Goodyear—you gonna have a good year? But Goodtire? You get the point. We were even going to change our name from Mopar Action to GoodMopar, but the Koreans beat us to it.

A close second on our “favorites” list was the Fullrun Tire Co. These guys let you know right up front that they don’t go half way. They scored a “10” with their catchy slogan that leaves Mad Ave. way behind choking in the dust: “Fullrun—All The Way Runs.” Is that brilliant or what? They even gave us a paper tote bag with their slogan printed on it that we carry everywhere. You should see the envious and admiring looks it gets.
OK, so much for offshore tires. How ‘bout some Mopars? Yeah, we got some of those as you can see the ensuing photos and caption.

And, by the way, SEMA was the debut for our latest staff photographer—Brunhilda “Brunie” Bruntczynowski—a close cousin of the Nik and Bill Brunt a/k/a TheBruntBros. Brunie uses a digital camera as compared to the Brothers’ 1934 Kodak box (film) camera. The jury is still out as to who gets better results. You can meet Brunie at our booth at the Mopar Nats. She and Ehrenberg will be wearing matching bathing suits.

Cenchelyn tires, complete with their trendy Cenchelyn Dragon, certainly spells trouble for Michelin.

Goodtire certainly is a better name than Goodyear or Goodrich. Where did we miss the boat?

Please put your hands together and welcome our newest staff photographer, Brunhilda “Brunie” Brunt—a close cousin of TheBruntBros. She took some of the photos shown here.

Cherry Bomb mufflers owns this truck that they drug out of a barn for $300 (they sold the barn on eBay to recoup part of their investment. The Dodge went to Matt Delaney for the drivetrain and then to the paint shop for the antique-style paintjob.

Need a new mill for your Neon? Ma Mopar offers this 6.1L Hemi crate motor package for passcars.

2008 Challenger STS uses undercar rear-mount twin turbos provides cool air to the Arrington Hemi 426 Hemi. Internals include K1 rods and crank. Arrington orange street race cam and 9:1 Wiseco pistons. Other mods include Arrington 90mm throttle body and upgraded fuel system. Methanol injection kicks in at 4 psi boost. Challenger delivers up to 900 ponies and gets 27 mpg on the highway.

Nice unidentified Charger with custom paint, hood and interior.

So what can you do with the Fiat 500s that will want to have their tires kicked in Mopar dealers’ showrooms? Why drop in a Hemi, of course. (This photo shows a Brand X drivetrain for illustration purposes only).

Mopar Alley had a ton of Mopes on display and let you get out of the hot sun for a while.

Dave Lovely’s lovely 1970 Mr. Norm’s Challenger T/A. Car is 100% stock, and all original, including mufflers.

Gary and Pam Garrison’s ’69 440 4-speed Road Runner was a past Mopar Nats winner.

1972 Pro-Touring Charger boasted 3G Hemi power,

owned by the original owner since ’72.

Another man’s vision (acid trip?) for a 300C.

Mopar showed this ’09 Challenger with concept flat black hood and roof treatment.
Custom Magnum SRT8 featured a Vortech blower, 2-stage nitrous system, Diablo Predator tuner, carbon fiber dressups, polished pieces from Billet Technology, LOUD sound system and USW wheels.

Custom 3400C sported the new “grille forward”

look and creative paintwork.

’72 Demon packed a 416 smallblock and had

“340 Magnum” callouts on the hood scoop.

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