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While the story of how and why this ’67 Charger was converted to a pickup, the article in the February issue chronicles the twists and turns that this vehicle went through. From stocker, to Hemi Clone, to a pile of junk to the outstanding custom you see here, is quite a story in itself. You should read it sometime.

15”x8” Cragars and red striping give Charge-Up an aggressive stance.

Ken Ward purchased some black indoor/outdoor carpet and cut out a piece that covered the front half of the bed.  He put the fuzzy (soft) side down against the wooden floor and the rubberized non-skid side up.  Then he bought a standard pick-up bed adjustable cargo net from Autozone.  He attaches the front hooks in the cargo tie downs that George & Jimmy installed and lays his cargo on top of the net.  Then he folds the net around and over the cargo, adjusting the net as needed, and clips the rear hooks around the front hooks.  This totally encloses the cargo so it doesn’t move around or become airborne at high speed.  For more cargo, you just expand the net.

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These shots show undercar details with chassis beefing, rear of cab sheetmetal
strengthening, additional interior and tailgate details.

George & Jimmy reinforced the chassis with 2”x2” box steel runners
(painted black) making the chassis very stiff.

Interior has wood grain dash, console, and door pulls. Seats are from a late 70’s Aspen 60/40 bench unit with the extra 20 cut off the 60 seat and reupholstered as bucket seats (more like individual bench seats). Note small brake pedal from stock factory 4 speed setup with clutch pedal removed. Spare tire is behind driver’s seat under bed floor.

A cargo tie down hook in each corner added strength and utility. Tailgate mechanism folds out of site when closed.

George added a rear anti-sway bar unit from a late 70’s Mopar for better handling.

Alvin ’s flat sheet metal cab wall was replaced with a 2”x2” box beam across the middle and corrugated sheet metal upper and lower sections to add strength. The window is from a Toyota compact pickup.

Sheet metal bed floor was reinforced underneath with angle iron and covered with wooden flooring, typical of 50’s trucks.

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