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Rain ushered in the 32nd edition of the Mopar Nats. But its effects were minimal in the overall scheme of things. The show went on with the usual multi-page menu Nats bill of fare. Drags, burnouts, show cars, survivors, swaps, car corral—you name it, it was happening. Featured theme this year was vans and trucks with over 400 of these vehicles on display. Modern Mopes also put on a good showing as we counted some 350 late models on the filed an in the special section reserved just for them. Show Winners

Race Winners

The Manufacturers Midway was booming with more and more good-quality repop parts for muscle Mopes and the new availability of ‘Cuda and Challenger bodies-in-white so you could roll your own creation from scratch. .Mr. Norm’s Garage showed their new for 2013 offerings for the Challenger and ‘Cuda along with Petty’s Garage showcasing their customized late-models.

Next year’s Nats is scheduled for August 9-11 2013 where There will be a tribute to the aero cars (Daytona, Super Bird, and Charger 500).

Here are some additional photos taken by TheBruntBros when they were vertical.

Up for grabs was the ’87 Dodge pickup that rode on a 2005 Durango chassis. the seats were in and the wiring was connected but more work had to be done to finish the job.

Ron Penska’s ’70 SuperBrid showed 33,000 original miles. Ron upped the ante on his 440 4-Bbl to a six-pack.

Another neat swap was a Cummins power implant for this early big pickup. Beautiful restoration.

The large truck display also included this boonie-ready Rod Hall edition pickup.

Jim Mitchell reportedly spent over a million bucks customizing his ’69 Road Runner. Car was a star attraction at the Indy Cylinder Head booth.

The car corral was loaded this year. “Tom” was selling this ’70 Dart GT that he claimed is the only one in Top Banana color.

How ‘bout a pop-top camper for getting away from it all—restored to trophy-winning trim.

This Panther Pink AAR ‘Cuda posted an asking price of 70 grand.

In the market for a ’29 Plymouth 3-window with a blown Hemi?
You came to the right place. We like the sign on the trunk.

Show Winners

Race Winners

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