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Road Runner Hemi R/TX

By Nick Brunt Translated from the Polish by Mel Coznowski Photos by Bill Erdman In spite of our smart remarks, the Willoughby-built ’69 Road Runner Hemi R/TX is nicely done and very show worthy. Custom silver color was formulated

Runner Up

Hi Webfans, Today’s special is a sneak preview of the cover car on our October 2019 issue. It’s Ron Lim’s outrageous 1970 blown Road Runner with more tricks than a magicians convention. To get the entire story on how this custom

Road Runner In A Crate?

Tech Question Chris Ashton, Chalk River, ON, Canada, 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner 383/440 Is there such thing as a 'car in a crate'? If so, i would like to build a 1970 plymouth roadrunner from scratch...all new parts. Is this…