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Runner Up

Hi Webfans, Today’s special is a sneak preview of the cover car on our October 2019 issue. It’s Ron Lim’s outrageous 1970 blown Road Runner with more tricks than a magicians convention. To get the entire story on how this custom

Custom Dakota

STRIPPER DAK FROM PLANET Z Josh Clark (we spelled his name in the mag with an “e” on the end to throw off any space aliens that might come looking for him) is a real triple threat kind of guy. He builds a mean custom truck as in this…

’06 Custom Charger

2008 LX & Beyond Nats Extreme Makeover Extreme makeover contest winner Brad Cotterman and his wife, Annette, and their made-over ’06 Charger SRT8. The 2008 LX & Beyond Nationals, held in Columbus, Ohio was the first installment of…