Dodged The Crusher

Seve Hinckley from Salt Lake City, Utah always wanted a Dodge Monaco—had to be a 1972. That model was the very first brand new car that Steve rode home in from the dealership—his dad’s ’72 Monaco station wagon. Must’ve made quite an

Heal My Wheel

I let my ex‑girlfriend borrow my mint ’97 Neon R/T for a few days. Big mistake. She crunched the front fascia, which I’ve replaced. But, and this is maybe more annoying, she pretty well soaked the leather steering wheel and shift knob with

In A Pickle

Craig Pickels from Phoenix, Arizona intimidates everyone with his ’71 Duster that originally started life as a Slant-Six. It now packs a 383 bored out to 400 cubes topped with a big 8-71 BDS blower and twin Edelbrock 1407 carbs.

Granny Get Your Gun

After 39 years, Mr. Norm revives the GSS series—a 9-second Challenger your grandmother could love. By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros With 9-second quarter-miles hiding in reserve, Mr. Norm’s GSS Challenger series is

Pattern Maker

I contacted you a few years ago about a noisy 741 pig I built using well used components. I swapped it out and I am finally getting back to the project for my 1966 Belvedere II. My first attempt had the pinion too far away so I tried

Car Tunes

I ’m helping my son finish dropping a 440 in his Dart Sport. New everything. All is great, except for little vacuum. We used a MP aluminum manifold—P4529118, and a MP cam P4120235 with 284° duration and 0484˝ lift. Vacuum at idle is around

Up On The Roof

1970 six-pack Road Runner gets a homemade Mod Top, and some help from M&Ms. By Jim Koscs Photos by TheBruntBros Factory Mod Top Road Runners are rare, and NOS roof-cover fabric has all but vanished. Some repops arenow

Mileage Melee

A friend of mine bought aused ’95 Ram pickup withthe 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel.He’s getting almost 3 MPGbetter than my new 2010 5.7LHemi Ram, even though minehas the MDS .I say this is because the dieselhas a much higher compressionratio.

In Lieu Of Lube

Do you pre-oil Moparhydraulic lifters beforeinstallation? I mean, filling thelifter itself with oil? I am sure Iread in the M.P. Engine Manualnot to do that as it could causepiston damage. What’s thescore, E’Berg?Correct. Do not pre‑oil

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