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Mopar powertrain and axle questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Brotherly Love

I want to replace the Generic Motors10-bolt rear end in my ’36 Dodge Brotherscoupe for an 8¾˝. Question is, in order to centerthe pinion in the driveshaft tunnel I’ll have toshorten the RH axle roughly 2 inches more thanthe LH side. Is

(Over) Drive Time?

I have (finally) gotten my ’69 Charger R/T 440 to the point of routinely driving it (that’s what these cars are for, driving them) and am, of course, not satisfied: even with 3.23 rear gears—it’s turning 2600‑2700 RPM cruising on the

Rear Ended

I read in an online magazine than small block 1966–’70 B-bodies “almost always” came with the 8¼˝ rear end, and that big-blocks “came with 8¾˝. But I had a 1970 Charger 383 2-Bbl that had an 8¼˝ (I bought it new, leftover, in 1971), I also

Juice On The Loose

I am driving my 1972 Plymouth Satellite (360/727) again after it has been sitting for a while. It had a transmissionleak (bad freeze plug in the yoke) and Iwas dumping transmission fluid into it a lotbefore I stopped driving it. The yoke

Prime Time

I just installed a new Melling oilpump P/N M63HV on my 68 Hemi Charger.When trying to pre-prime the motor, nooil made it up the heads. I removed theoil filter and no oil is coming out of thepump. Do you have any suggestions forme before I

The Seal Deal

Please recommend a high quality threadsealant to use on the head bolts of my 1986W250’s 318. The decal on the valve covermakes it sound like this is important. (Answer): I have never used anything but light oil,so that sticker

On Top Of Ol’ Smokey

1970 Challenger, 440. I am havingproblems with burning oil at startup and ona steeper downhill slope, a cloud of bluesmoke, It goes away when accelerating or just normal running. What does this sound like to you? Valve stem seals

Made In Detroit

Mr. Ehrenberg, I just helped a friend of mine take apart a 1964 Barracuda, 225, with 11,724 original miles. Unfortunately, even though the interior is quite good, the body has a fair amount of rust, hence the disassembly. We are trying to


Hookers Glenn Menard, Memphis, TN, 1973 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 I am planning on replacing the exhaust system on my 'Cuda and wanted to get your opinion on a few options. The car has a fairly"warmed over" 440: 0.040 over - Kieth Black…

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