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Dodged The Crusher

Seve Hinckley from Salt Lake City, Utah always wanted a Dodge Monaco—had to be a 1972. That model was the very first brand new car that Steve rode home in from the dealership—his dad’s ’72 Monaco station wagon. Must’ve made quite an

Heal My Wheel

I let my ex‑girlfriend borrow my mint ’97 Neon R/T for a few days. Big mistake. She crunched the front fascia, which I’ve replaced. But, and this is maybe more annoying, she pretty well soaked the leather steering wheel and shift knob with

In A Pickle

Craig Pickels from Phoenix, Arizona intimidates everyone with his ’71 Duster that originally started life as a Slant-Six. It now packs a 383 bored out to 400 cubes topped with a big 8-71 BDS blower and twin Edelbrock 1407 carbs.

Demo Deliverer

This '72 Dodge Monaco had been sitting in a field in Spokane, Wahington for 20 years and was on a site listing cars to be used for demolition derbies. Steve Hinckley from Salt Lake City, Utah had been looking for a '72 Monaco for

Ready For Freddie

Freddie Kruger stopped the show at Musclecars at the Strip. He's a real ZMopar guy. Freddie Kruger from Elm Street showed up at the Musclecars aat the Strip show in Las vegas in a 2019 Hellcat Redeye that he had borrowed from Kathy

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