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Where’s The Beuf?

For Don Lebeuf, the dream was a 1970Charger. And part of that dream wasrestoring the car rather than buying onedone. Don found the perfect candidatein August 2002—a 1970 Charger R/Tin Wisconsin. The car was a factory EV2Hemi Orange

Marriage Maker—Or Breaker?

Ya gotta start someplace. And for 18-year-old Josh Adkins, hisstarting point is a ’68 318 Coronet that he found in Denver, CO. Hesays it’s blue and we’ll have to take his word for it. The Cheyenne, WYnative is currently serving in the

Fastest V6

Here’s a 2010 Challenger that runs in the 12s. So what’s thebig deal? The big deal is it’s a V6, and not the new Pentastar4-cam 3.6L—the old Kenosha-built 3.5L SOHC . Craig Simmons,from Eastlake, OH, has his Brilliant Black automatic

Wheels Of Fortune

Not all of us can be as lucky as Kris Jacobson from Las Vegas. Kris won this ’70 Dart is a raffle held by the Inland Mopar Club. The car was built by John Wilkiewicz and Ron Borden and is powered by a Paxton supercharged ’77

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