Who Will Sign Their Autograph?

John Wehrly at Carlisle’s Ramcharger table autographs a Mo’fan’s magazine. Who will be signing 50 years from now? Back in 1959, a group of engineers from Chrysler Corp. put together a bizarre-looking ’49 Plymouth coupe that they dubbed

Roadster Conversion

We here at Mopar Action always like to help out our fellow staffers—Cliff Gromer with his Association of Semi-Professional Cat Jugglers, Jim Koscs with his web blog “Wheel People,” and the zany Brunt Bros. and their newest enterprise, “The

Trailer Travails

I purchased a ’99 B1500 “shortie” with the 3.9L with only102K on it thinking it would be capableof towing my 7x12’ single axle landscapetrailer and get “reasonable” fuel mileage.Well…what a mistake. The damn thing hasnever gotten over 15

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