Galvanized Resto Parts

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Brad Billson, East St. Paul, MB, Canada, 1970 Plymouth Fury Suburban 318

Hi Richard, Mopar Action is still the #1 Mopar mag out there.I’ve been a fan from issue #1. This is more of a resto topic. Why isn’tgalvanized metal used in restorations and by metal companies such as AMD? Isit cost? It seems our old Mopars would last forever with galvanized panels.Look at, dare I say it, Porsches. Thanks so much. It’s always a treatreading Mopar Action. Brad



Galvanized metal is hard to weld and paint. But, as far as I know, all ofAMD’s stuff is e-coated…

The truth is that very few Mopars, once restored, are driven as they were inthe ’60s and ’70s. Take me, for example. Even though I drive all my Mopars12 months out of the year, including all of the M.A. project cars, duringthe winter, if the roads have been salted, I keep ’em off the streets untilrainwater has washed it off the tarmac.

I also keep a spray can of Duro Extend handy anytime I’m under the car (oilchanges, etc.) — at the first sign of corrosion, I “hit the spot” with theconversion coating. I also pour heavy oil into the quarters at least once ayear.