Custom Dakota


Josh Clark (we spelled his name in the mag with an “e” on the end to throw off any space aliens that might come looking for him) is a real triple threat kind of guy. He builds a mean custom truck as in this radical Dakota, he’s very adept at wielding an airbrush as evidenced by the graphics he created on his truck, and he’ll win any bar bet when it comes to who has the coolest tattoos. We’ll let the photos do the talking. But before you go any further, you must send us your consent form stating that you are over 18 and are not offended by graphic art. Fair enough?

Josh Clark’s 2004 Dakota looks like your ordinary, everyday, radical slammed custom from the outside…

…but open the hood and look past all the paint and glitter. If you’re observant, your eye will wander over to the fuse box cover on the driver’s side, and you’ll be treated to one of the strippers that Josh has artfully airbrushed for his own amusement.

Inside the cab you won’t find anything outlandish until you look up at the headliner at stripper No. 2. Josh copied the style of Michelangelo by laying on his back and painting – just the way Mike painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You’ll notice a similarity of styles, too. We’ve commissioned Josh to paint our ceiling.

This is Josh’s award-winning tattoo. We understand Josh did this himself using a mirror.
Sure beats a “Mom” in a heart on your arm.