Ammeter Capacity

Tech Question


Joseph Siefker, milan, MI, 1968 dodge charger 6.1

will the ampmeter in dash take the amps of 90 plus withoutdamage to the gage? I am installing new 6.1 Hemi.thanks Joe..


First, a comment to everybody: Here’s another case where I personallyanswered, but my reply e-mail bounced. Please be sure your e-mail address iscorrect; it’s easy to tell: just send yourself a test e-mail.

Anyway, the ammeter itself might live at 90 amperes. But no way will thebulkhead connector, or the wiring, survive – it will fry. We’ve discussedthis probalem and solutions in M.A. several times, there are at least 2 waysto get around it. Briefly:

1. Run heavier wires through the bulkhead (a grommet), directly to theammeter
2. Take some load off the ammeter circuit, by running a length of heavy wire(10 or 12 gauge, depending on alternator capabilities), right from thealternator output stud to the starter relay stud. Use a short length offusible link wire, 2 numbers smaller, at the starter relay end. This methodbasically disables the ammeter, you should install a voltmeter.