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What is the torque rating for an A833
There is not, and never was, a published
specification. The lead engineer on the
A833, Octie Ham, told me personally that
they used the old engineering principle:
Test until something breaks, then make
that part 50% stronger.
The early the 3.09:1 low gear (/6)
version is the weakest, especially in—
duh!—low gear. The red stripe 18-spline
Hemi version is the strongest: Wider gear
faces, bushed speed gears, hardened
shafts (identified via yellow paint),
larger main drive pinion, 308 bearings
throughout, etc.
Surprisingly, the floating countershaft
gear OD version, aluminum case and all,
was said to be just as strong as any 3.09-
low 23-spline A833.

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