Gear Goo To Go


What gear oil do you recommend for a
Sure Grip rear? In the old days we added
a pint of the hypoid to the regular 80W90
as I recall, but where to get it now? Or is
there a better solution?

Virtually any gear oil sold today is
formulated for hypoid gearsets.
Any auto parts store will have a small
bottle of the LSD additive concentrate,
which, I am quite sure, is what you
are looking for. Friction type LSDs will
chatter without the additive (which is not
needed with all-gear LSDs (TorSen). The
clutch type will usually stop chattering if it
has been run without the additive and it is
added later, but cone type ones are usually
permanently damaged (scored, etc.),
although they will still function OK (re: LSD
action), they simply become unpleasant
during low sped corners (chattering).

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