Wiper Woes


I own a 1965 Coronet 500, original 383
4-speed car. I have been working on it for
10 years, trying to get it close to stock.
Since it had been moderately hacked
over the years, many of the factory parts
had been swapped to generic equivalents.
I have one simple question: What
did the original wiper blades look like on
this car? Were they chrome or satin finish?
Where can I get them?

The original part numbers were: 2580416
(right) and 2580417 (left). These were
unique to ’65 B-bodies.
They were satin finish, to comply with
the then-new anti-glare standards.
Looks? You know those “new, hightech”
aerodynamic blades on the new
cars? Yup. That’s what they looked like,
with a large airfoil extending across the
width of the blade. The vendor was the
Anderson Co. (Anco.)
You might search for NOS, but my
guess is you’ll be buying used. There are
no repros that I am aware of.

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